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Accepted it - Kiwi summer is over. It was a banger, and put last years feeble showing to shame, but now is time to grab that sweater from the back of the wardrobe, pray you still fit in last years jeans and mix up our favourite cocktails of the season.

Mela Menta - Amaro and green apple shine atop a platform of blended Scotch.

Quick Brown Scotch - A peated, bittersweet sipper with strong notes of coffee and subtle cinnamon.

Hanky Panky - A bracing, bitter Martini variation, ideal for the coldest months

Picon Biere - If your basic mates brought a case of commercial beers to a BBQ and left a few bottles lying around, fear not. Picon Biere is the answer.

A splash of this often-underappreciated French aperitif brings body and depth to even the most uncomplex of lagers.

Homemade Allspice Dram - This recipe is unbelievably simple, and will allow you to add winter spices to any cocktails you're mixing up.


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