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Pearly Gates

In an era of lockdowns and takeouts, the simple act of propping up a bar and sipping an expertly-made cocktail seems like a long-lost-luxury. Through necessity, plenty have bars have turned their hands to making at-home cocktail kits.

The Pearly Gates comes from The Bramble's answer to the lockdown blues. Their 'just add alcohol' cocktail kits are as unique as they are well-thought out. Fresh ingredients get the full prep-shift treatment, whilst supplies you wouldn't be expected to have at home (black walnut bitters, cacao butter and jalapeno brine - not in the same mix) are used to build that cocktail you've been dreaming of since that first community case got announced all those months ago. Expect a thorough but unassuming instruction manual, with a list of suggested spirits to use as your base, to accompany small packages holding each cocktails required garnish.

Pearly Gates

60ml - Plantation Original Dark (serve with your spirit of choice)

90ml - Pearly Gates mix from The Bramble

Add the ingredients to a shaker.

Fill it with ice and shake it for 10 seconds.

Double strain into a chilled coupe.

Garnish with the thyme provided.




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