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Made in Dunedin in the country's South Island from a blend of 3 specially roasted organic coffees hailing from Sumatra, Columbia and Papua New Guinea, Quick Brown Fox is a sublime, versatile coffee liqueur. Its origin story tells of a product created specifically with theatre-goers in mind. Late-night-thinkers and creative-coffee-drinkers wanting that caffeinated nectar to keep their mind sharp in order to fully experience the art they were enjoying. If that's where it started, it's on a whole other level now.

The addition of cinnamon is, although perhaps an obvious combination, brilliant, giving the subtlest hint of spice to a perfectly balanced liqueur. Not overly sweet, there is a hint of chocolate detected, though that owes itself to the combination of coffee and cinnamon rather than the addition of chocolate. Either way, the chocolate note adds more bitterness than expected. Quick Brown Fox is incredibly palatable and is as thoroughly enjoyable alone over ice as it is in any mixed drink.

If Quick Brown Fox wasn't originally designed with mixology in mind, it hit the nail on the head regardless. It suits such a diverse range of styles and plays well with a wide variety of flavours - put it with peaty scotch in our Quick Brown Scotch or mezcal in The South Pacific Bridge. Pair it with brandy and soda for a fun and unique highball. The soft spice notes work particularly well with rum in any capacity, or it will stand up to a high-proof rye for twists on classics. Alternatively, at 20%ABV, you could use it as a base for something lower-alcohol, like our simple yet sophisticated Middle Ground.


The quality of Quick Brown Fox speaks for itself. It's one of the finest bottles in our bar. Quite often when creating something original it's the starting point for us. The fact it's a Kiwi product is just a bonus, and another reason to get it in your bar ASAP.

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